Frequently Asked Questions

Perks of an Imperfect office

Q. How much does eating Imperfect cost?

Imperfect members often save as much as 30% on grocery items like fruit, veggies, olive oil, quinoa, coffee, and more. 

Q. Are there any contracts?

Nope! While Imperfect Foods customers subscribe to our service, they are free to cancel or pause at any time. 

Q. What if someone wants to skip a box?

No problem! Skip a box whenever you want. It's easy to do — even from your phone. 

Q. Who delivers our food?

We have dedicated, local drivers who deliver your food to your doorstep. On delivery day, we text you so you know we're near. Not at home? We’ll follow your delivery instructions as best we can.

Q. How are you different from other "ugly" delivery services?

We believe all food is healthy, delicious, and worthy of eating, no matter what it looks like. We are the only service that rescues more than produce from going to waste (bread, quinoa, pasta, canned goods, and more!). 

And unlike other services, our customers have 100% control over what they order. 

Q. We want to try Imperfect Foods, but what if some team members can’t afford it? Is there any assistance?

Yes, we believe it’s important to make good food more accessible to all of our neighbors, regardless of income. Even if it means taking a financial loss for our company. So, while government programs like SNAP don’t apply to Imperfect (yet), we’re filling the gap ourselves. If you meet the income qualifications for SNAP, you are eligible for our Reduced Cost Box Program, which takes 33% off the cost of every order.

Your Imperfect groceries will cost less than half what it would cost at the grocery store.


How Office Deliveries Are Better for Your Wallet — and the Environment

More than 200,000 customers get their Imperfect Foods boxes delivered to their homes. Our delivery model reduces CO2 emissions because it means fewer trips to and from the market.

Without Imperfect Foods, you and your neighbors have to take individual trips to the market.

With Imperfect Foods, groceries for your entire community are delivered in one trip — with one van.

Bring Imperfect Foods to your office.

Help your coworkers fight food waste and save on groceries. Choose the food you order each week. Pause or cancel at any time. Plus, we’ll waive the $4.99 delivery fee for each team member.*

*Enjoy free delivery when 10+ people have their Imperfect boxes delivered to your office weekly.

Make your office more sustainable.

Help Your Team Save on Groceries.

Bring Imperfect Foods to your work — help us fight food waste. Fill out our questionnaire and we'll be in touch.


Office Sessions 

From an informational snack table to a lunch and learn produce party, our team is available to visit your office and spread ugly produce gospel. 

Join our community of food-waste fighters.

Instead of bread crumbs, we leave behind sweet discounts for employees, like 50% off your first order and waived ongoing delivery fees!

Add value to your health and fitness initiatives by incorporating Imperfect account subsidies and food waste content.

Discounts & Drop-off Locations

Wellness Programs

When you get Imperfect Foods delivered to your office, you reduce our drivers’ steps and our footprint. Each week, we deliver your team’s boxes to one location - your office.

As a result, we save on fuel and manpower — and pass those savings on to you.

Typically, we charge a $4.99 delivery fee for every order.
 We waive that fee when your company averages at least 10 deliveries to your office every week. 


Why Bring Imperfect Foods to Your Office?