300,000+ people now eat imperfect.

"I have gotten great produce and other fresh food finds at an awesome price, all with the convenience of home delivery!" 
Allison R.

We're not your typical grocery store.


When you join Imperfect, you help reduce how much food is wasted.

And you get to fill your box with fruits, veggies, dairy, and pantry items that match your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Imperfect?

Billions of pounds of food goes to waste every year.
For silly reasons.

If food can be saved, we will save it. With every bite into a misshapen apple, short piece of pasta, or oversized egg we can shape our world for the better. We’re hungry for change and eager to reduce waste on the farm, at the store, and in the home.

How Imperfect works





Why Imperfect?

Q. How much does eating Imperfect cost?

Imperfect members often save as much as 30% on grocery items like fruit, veggies, olive oil, quinoa, coffee, and more. 

QAre there any contracts?

Nope! While Imperfect customers subscribe to our service, they are free to cancel or pause at any time. 

Q. What if I want to skip a box?

No problem! Skip a box whenever you want. It's easy to do — even from your phone. 

Q. Who delivers my food?

We have dedicated, local drivers who deliver your food to your doorstep. On delivery day, we text you so you know we're near. 
Not at home? We’ll follow your delivery instructions as best we can.

Q. How are you different from other "ugly" delivery services?

We believe all food is healthy, delicious, and worthy of eating, no matter what it looks like. We are the only service that rescues more than produce from going to waste (bread, quinoa, pasta, canned goods, and more!). 

And unlike other services, our customers have 100% control over what they order. 

Q. I want to try Imperfect, but I’m not sure I can afford it. Is there any assistance?

Yes, we believe it’s important to make good food more accessible to all of our neighbors, regardless of income. Even if it means taking a financial loss for our company. So, while government programs like SNAP don’t apply to Imperfect (yet), we’re filling the gap ourselves. If you meet the income qualifications for SNAP, you are eligible for our Reduced Cost Box Program, which takes 33% off the cost of every order.

Your Imperfect groceries will cost less than half what it would cost at the grocery store.


Only with Imperfect can you ...

Choose what goes in your box. We never make you pay for food you don't want.

Join the movement: Sign up for weekly or bi-weekly deliveries that help eliminate food waste.

Shop the store: Customize your box with grocery items delivered to you—instead of the landfill.

Eat!: Enjoy a tasty meal that helps solve a problem, how delicious is that?

Order a full line of groceries (not just produce) while helping to fight food waste.



Support local organic farmers and producers in building a sustainable future.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
With Imperfect

Other delivery services hit the road with vans that are barely filled. We purposely ship to your neighborhood one day a week. That way, your groceries never ride alone — and you help us reduce the carbon footprint of the grocery industry.

Without Imperfect, you and your neighbors have to take individual trips to the market.

With Imperfect, groceries for your entire community are delivered in one trip — with one van.

We focus on sourcing food that might go to waste. All you have to do is Join, Shop, and Eat! 

"I’ve been ordering for about three months now and I’m never disappointed with anything. "
Tracy S.

"Just got my first box, and everything looks amazing! I've already got plans for dinner tonight. We're #CookingUgly tonight."
Sloan S.

They fight food waste, get their groceries delivered, and save an average of 30% on food.

Save up to 30% on groceries, and fight food waste.

We rescue food that might otherwise go to waste, and deliver it to you at a discount.

See if we deliver to you.

Better for the planet.
Better for your wallet.

Help build a more sustainable future. And save up to 30% on groceries delivered to your home.

Research by the University of Washington found that delivering groceries produces 25–75% fewer emissions than individual trips to the grocery store.





We offer competitive prices, because doing better shouldn't have to cost more.

We source directly from producers and farmers with a commitment to quality. Always.

We rescue all types of foods that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Our mission: Eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone.

It's simple to signup and shop with Imperfect.

Here's how to do it in three easy steps:

Take a quiz to help us get to know you

Easily customize your order

We handle delivery to your door

Tell us about your lifestyle and dietary preferences and we’ll recommend a weekly grocery plan that’s right for you.

Once your shopping window opens you are able to view which items we’ve selected for you that week. Everything in your order is customizable—keep what you want, remove what you don’t. Add in grocery staples, snacks and other favorite items you’ll love.

Save yourself a trip to the store. Your Imperfect order is packed with care and delivered straight to your doorstep.